Is it even really though?

Fucking hell. I woke up at 3:40 today; time doesn’t matter when you are waiting for something to fill it. I got an email with a notification about this blog which I haven’t checked in over a year, see I made a full website for it and nobody really followed it so I just dumped it all. Rereading all of this stuff is probably bitter sweet I would say, it’s sweet that there is some active thought going into such ideas, at a young age too. It’s bitter because humans aren’t the evil I made them out to be, to even assume that would imply that they have thoughts and actions extreme enough to be near chaotic, let alone evil. An average human being isn’t that, an average human being doesn’t hit the surface of good or evil, simply floats around in neutrality which has its drawbacks and advantages, the average human being will try hard to avoid a fight      Or to avoid conflict of thought, interest and feeling.  What I’m failing to get at, half asleep, is that humans are below the response of hate, they don’t deserve an emotional and philosophical hold on someone else like misanthropy has on many. When you walk streets and view the crowd and individuals as definite threats you are just being the victim and not in a petty way, but that you are letting the crowd just stamp down upon you. They are way less threatening than that, lift your head a little and watch people calmly, their mannerisms and conversations, the way they clumsily eat, they are not so much of a threat to someone who already could even come to misanthropy in their head. Go a little further and some of your own power should return or come forth what never was.

– Samuel Charles Patterson

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Gaudeamus omnes usque ad sempiternum


This has been bothering me for a while but now I think it is the time to say something out towards it. There are some people, usually young gullible teens who consume all they read as fact that believe that in our society there is over 54 genders. Fifty four fucking genders supposedly exist and so people go on platforms and spread this lie to places like Facebook and tumblr, 95% of people who can think for themselves disregard it as yet another bullshit story but the remaining 5% read and suck it all up as fact. Some do this because they just believe what they are told, some because they don’t want to be accused of opposing a group of loud people. This 5% spreads like cancerous cells onto other people and it grows and multiplies onto other groups of people. This is unacceptable now, die hard misandrist feminists spreading this bullshit that having a gender is a choice, I have a penis in between my legs and I am male, there is no choice in that matter, no “but gender and sex are different concepts hurr durr durr” No. Read the goddamn etymology of gender and it says that since the 15th century gender has meant sex “male or female”. Open your fucking eyes and see that maybe an emotionally unstable junkie feminist or teen that accepts all isn’t going to be correct all the time about matters they don’t know about, stop trying to stretch things into more than what they are. Like so – “metal” then people aren’t satisfied so they make doom metal then sludge metal then Irish speed folk metal, black forest metalcore, doomcore, drone black metal. Jesus Christ its just metal just as there are only two genders. This clip reminds me of what is at hand –

No remembrance

William Melvin Hicks ( Bill Hicks) died in 94′, the comedian who broke the barrier and pushed into explicit humour, humour that questioned all things and shone a light on the bullshit of corporate America, religion and the idiocy of the human race as a whole. While this man ranted you could see behind his eyes that inside he was sad and that he did truly care about these things after the gigs, after the lights and suits came off. This articulate and great man has been neglected after death and only few remember or recognise his name in a book. I urge all who reads this to follow up on him and watch his “sane man” show.


His small and plain stone sat forgotten amongst the dry ground and grass, no flowers in the holder.


Check him out please


Soul chasm

He left this place as he entered it,
Curled in a foetal position,
Eyes shut, cold and weak
Hid neath’ the sheets behind the
Doorway to his room
His organs lay inanimate, resting under his bones
And his eyes mocked this,
Clung to the inside of their lids

My mother waits by the door,
He hangs on to the banister at the top of the flight
A breathe and his eyes reside near hers…
“He’s dead” he exhaled.
By his bed set she kneels weeping into his hands,
Overwhelmed by the cold hard touch of her man.
How is she to tell her children that their father of strength and prowess
Died like a man of weakness, another man frail ?
Or perhaps that behind closed doors this man,
My father
Died of a broken heart

          – Thoth

Learn to swim- a mini misanthropy overview

Learn to swim


Misanthropy itself is a “hatred, disgust and or distrust of mankind as a general rule”. Cynicism is a “general distrust of the motives of other people”. Pessimism (not to be confused with philosophical pessimism) is a “tendency to emphasise the negative and that all that is the worst possible outcome”.

Now many misanthropes tend to be cynical as well however the difference is that misanthropes, as a general rule hate and distrust mankind (which is to say, each member of the human race taken as a collective singular unit). Whereas cynics distrust the motives of others and the actions of others are always based in selfishness. Neither of these views are inherently pessimistic.

The first justification: complacent patriotism

Nothing shows the pathetic ways of our species more than ignorance towards our past and nothing shows that like complacent patriotism does. It’s so common to see people standing behind the cleverly picked colours of their countries flag. They feel a boastful pride about themselves and what they stand for; they honestly feel they are nothing less than the blood of the land itself. I don’t blame patriots unaware of the reality; this usually ends up being younger children who know no better or the working class is hilarious seeming they are the ones who are pissed on by the infrastructure the most.

Most countries in the west warn if being unpatriotic, trying to make out that if you don’t support the troops you might as well be committing treason. If soldiers can raid small villages killing all of those in sight with no idea behind why they are do so then people will do anything at all. Merely cogs in the machine that is the industrial military complex, catching bullets.

The worst of ignorance to the past must be from the patriotic Americans. Any country which carries out the most vast and successful genocide in human history is not a country to love. A believed 80- 114 million red Indians murdered, enslaved and raped. A country built on the enslavement of one race and the genocide of another is not a pure place. People ignore these facts and hide behind the “that’s the past” excuse as if that matters. No reconciliation at all has been attempted. It is unacceptable.




“If you hate people, you want them all dead”

Yet another misconception is that: “if you hate people, you want them all dead” and, by extension, “that you should kill yourself for your self-hatred/to help rid the human scum/etc.” To begin with, just because a misanthrope hates or is disgusted by mankind, that does not inherently mean that he wants mankind dead. Many misanthropes, such as me, are quite sympathetic. Many misanthropes actually want to help mankind to be something better. Justified misanthropes in particular are more likely to be this way—if man can transcend what it is that the misanthrope finds so disgusting and abhorrent, there will no longer be a need for their misanthropy. The reason I actually share any of my ideas is in the hope that they may help to eventually turn mankind around, much in the same way I hope to be better through my self-loathing. The other half, about killing yourself, is entirely senseless as it were—killing yourself will generally have no genuine effect on the state of mankind. You may not have to deal with what you hate and can’t avoid, but that is not a solution for every misanthrope or the only solution.

One of the reasons I have a tiny spark of hope is because of the theory by Carl Jung, the 46 and 2 theory. According to Jung there are three completely different kinds of humans on earth, meaning that they perceive the one reality in three different ways, interpreted differently. The first kind of human has a chromosome composition of 42+2. They comprise a unity consciousness that does not see anything outside of them as being separate from themselves. To them there is only one energy- one life, one beingness that moves everywhere. Anything that happens anywhere happens within them, as well. They are like cells in the body. They are connected to a single consciousness that moves through all of them. This is (like) the aboriginals in Australia or some remaining African tribes. Then, then is our level, comprising 44+2 chromosomes. We are a disharmonic level of consciousness that is used as a stepping stone from the 42+2 level to the next level, 46+2. These two additional chromosomes are meant to change us. We can either transcend or die. Even though I’m not closed to this idea I am not very deeply invested in believing it.



“Above the beasts”

Another reason I feel misanthropy is because as humans we put ourselves above all else on this planet. We feel worth of life is based on size, the bigger you are the more quality of life you feel. We crush a spider and feel no remorse or sorrow but if we killed a cat or dog we would feel pulled down with guilt as if the worth of one organism’s life is less than that of another. We put our animals down when they are in pain because we want to free them of their agony but if our human loved ones are in that same agony we find its wrong to free them of their constant pain. This makes out that our loved animals don’t have the worth of our loved people. We are too selfish to let our loved ones pass is ease; we have to wait until the torture overtakes them for our own selfish desires. We place ourselves not only above our former civilizations who could achieve things we couldn’t dream of achieving but every other species. We like them but only to look at. We love having a cute cat or dog for our laps but to most it’s just an ornament that doesn’t feel and has no ability or emotions.

Born into this

It’s hard to conclude such a topic as this without speaking for days beforehand about the theme, so many tangents, places to look and things to consider. But in my opinion misanthropy is the most wide eyed way to look at the world. An untamed view of ourselves on this beautiful planet. The lies told to one another about our status and the status of our forefathers and their forefathers. denial about the sickening reality of our species. Mass murder of noble people and rejection of those truly in need of help. Denial of the hidden common sense, the “common sense” that we are the cancer of this planet and its docile species. Time will resume like this and more people like me will tell of these atrocities and like with those who did it before they will change naught. Contaminate your bed, and you will one night suffocate in your waste.