Is it even really though?

Fucking hell. I woke up at 3:40 today; time doesn’t matter when you are waiting for something to fill it. I got an email with a notification about this blog which I haven’t checked in over a year, see I made a full website for it and nobody really followed it so I just dumped it all. Rereading all of this stuff is probably bitter sweet I would say, it’s sweet that there is some active thought going into such ideas, at a young age too. It’s bitter because humans aren’t the evil I made them out to be, to even assume that would imply that they have thoughts and actions extreme enough to be near chaotic, let alone evil. An average human being isn’t that, an average human being doesn’t hit the surface of good or evil, simply floats around in neutrality which has its drawbacks and advantages, the average human being will try hard to avoid a fight      Or to avoid conflict of thought, interest and feeling.  What I’m failing to get at, half asleep, is that humans are below the response of hate, they don’t deserve an emotional and philosophical hold on someone else like misanthropy has on many. When you walk streets and view the crowd and individuals as definite threats you are just being the victim and not in a petty way, but that you are letting the crowd just stamp down upon you. They are way less threatening than that, lift your head a little and watch people calmly, their mannerisms and conversations, the way they clumsily eat, they are not so much of a threat to someone who already could even come to misanthropy in their head. Go a little further and some of your own power should return or come forth what never was.

– Samuel Charles Patterson

(not some ancient figure)IMG_0255.PNG


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