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Gaudeamus omnes usque ad sempiternum


This has been bothering me for a while but now I think it is the time to say something out towards it. There are some people, usually young gullible teens who consume all they read as fact that believe that in our society there is over 54 genders. Fifty four fucking genders supposedly exist and so people go on platforms and spread this lie to places like Facebook and tumblr, 95% of people who can think for themselves disregard it as yet another bullshit story but the remaining 5% read and suck it all up as fact. Some do this because they just believe what they are told, some because they don’t want to be accused of opposing a group of loud people. This 5% spreads like cancerous cells onto other people and it grows and multiplies onto other groups of people. This is unacceptable now, die hard misandrist feminists spreading this bullshit that having a gender is a choice, I have a penis in between my legs and I am male, there is no choice in that matter, no “but gender and sex are different concepts hurr durr durr” No. Read the goddamn etymology of gender and it says that since the 15th century gender has meant sex “male or female”. Open your fucking eyes and see that maybe an emotionally unstable junkie feminist or teen that accepts all isn’t going to be correct all the time about matters they don’t know about, stop trying to stretch things into more than what they are. Like so – “metal” then people aren’t satisfied so they make doom metal then sludge metal then Irish speed folk metal, black forest metalcore, doomcore, drone black metal. Jesus Christ its just metal just as there are only two genders. This clip reminds me of what is at hand – http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QZARnK4WemU

No remembrance

William Melvin Hicks ( Bill Hicks) died in 94′, the comedian who broke the barrier and pushed into explicit humour, humour that questioned all things and shone a light on the bullshit of corporate America, religion and the idiocy of the human race as a whole. While this man ranted you could see behind his eyes that inside he was sad and that he did truly care about these things after the gigs, after the lights and suits came off. This articulate and great man has been neglected after death and only few remember or recognise his name in a book. I urge all who reads this to follow up on him and watch his “sane man” show.


His small and plain stone sat forgotten amongst the dry ground and grass, no flowers in the holder.


Check him out please