Changed my mind part 4


Brief overview of thoughts

Here’s the part where some may run away or delete me i’ll do it in bullet point form because really tonight I am not feeling in the mood to type out long paragraphs.

• I believe any patriotism is just ridiculous and naive. Patriots are always unaware or ignorant to their countries history and their people.

• Everyone is so close to being the same that no one is special. No one on this planet is special and even though are people with strong wisdom they are still just another person like that. No matter how hard you try to be different you are the same no matter what.

• Dubstep is soulless, talentless trash and anyone who designs it not composes it getting called “talented” is just utter bull.

• As a musician the type of person who are decides your instrument. All pianists have very similar social patterns as do all guitarists. They share common strengths and weaknesses.

• That although its absolutely disgusting pedophelia will be legalised within the next twenty years due to them begging for rights since the 80’s using the gay rights as backing. Complacent liberals will soon give in so they don’t seem “closed minded” and eventually it will become the norm.

• So many people secretly disagree with homosexuality but are too scared to seem closed minded so they hide it to fit with the norm the dislike.

• It’s ridiculous that people find euthanasia of animals in pain wrong but not humans. Importance of life should not be based on size, ability to communicate or looks. We are no more than the beasts are. We are beasts.

I know this was a short one but I’m searching for ideas and no one will seem to communicate what the want with me so I just have to guess.

– A tired Thoth


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