I changed my mind

In my first post I said I wouldn’t say much about me at first but after being in thought the last few hours I changed my mind. The more you know the more likely you will be able to decide if I’m the right person for you to read under.

Firstly my love of listening and making music. This has always been a very big part of me since young years when my father would tell me all about the life’s of the musicians he was showing me. Recently my most favourite would have to be tool, their completely unique and incomparable style, intellect, subjects and ways are just really appealing to listen to and play which brings me on to my instruments.

Since age 9 I have been an avid guitarist and almost avid bassist, starting with my primary school teacher who was also a guitarist. He strived and strived to get me to plat and eventually I did and I’ve never stopped. Learning by myself I taught myself to university level pieces by the age of twelve and took all my exams early. My first proper guitar is a John Hornby vintage and I haven’t found a guitar I prefer playing and I’ve played some very very good guitars.


If more knowledge is wanted of my music and musical taste just ask.

Philosophy. This one is a biggy for me and its something I’ve always been very opinionated about. Plato, Pythagoras, Aristotle, Socrates and Noam Chomsky are a few of a mass of my philosophical idols. It all started as a child with the republic by Plato and the section called “the allegory of the cave” which I found after someone saying the lyrics to the Mumford and sons the cave were inspired by that part of his book. After that first time reading and considering how we could and most likely are living right now unaware of the most brain breaking things you could possibly imagine.

I live in Scotland and have done so all my life as did my parents and their parents before them. I love Scotland… Well most of it, Argyll and anywhere up north is just gorgeous and completely overlooked by its inhabitants which is pretty saddening for me. The first time I went up north I went to a place called Benmore near a small town nameconversations.


After leaving this beautiful place my home is no longer my home. Where I live now is merely a waiting room for a better more untouched place. The stench of man is rarely found here and I love it.

I will tell more of myself soon but for now this is your catch up. I don’t want to write masses of text to find no one ever reads them like some charity shop nineteen eighties romcom paperback. As stated hit me up for conversations

– Thoth


2 thoughts on “I changed my mind

  1. Reading your post took me back to a time, years ago, when I had a pen-pal in outside of the United States and how I really looked forward to her letters. I don’t think people have snail-mail pen-pals anymore, but blogging could work just as well. I did not read the Republic till adulthood when I could focus better. For some reason your words “The stench of man” caused me to chuckle. If you keep writing, I will read it.


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